GAT L Carnitine, 473 ml, Blue Raspberry

  • 473 ml
GAT L Carnitine, 473 ml, Blue Raspberry

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Strengthen Your Stamina with GAT L-Carnitine, The Perfect Stamina Booster

  • GAT L-Carnitine offers comprehensive nutritional support and is one of the most pronounced energy booster drinks among sports enthusiasts and fitness fanatics.
  • Each serving offers 10mg of high potency dosage of Panthothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) that converts body fat to muscular energy, thus best suited for endurance exercises.
  • GAT L-Carnitine acts as a potent weight loss supplement as it actively converts body fat into energy.
  • The product is completely natural. Furthermore, the vegan nature of the product makes it widely accepted among all users.
  • GAT L-Carnitine, the Liquid Free Form Amino Acid, plays a critical role in promoting healthy body composition.


Benefits of GAT L-Carnitine

  • Energy booster: L-Carnitine helps convert food to energy. When consumed before workouts, it quickens the conversion process and thus boosts stamina and provides unfailing support for endurance exercise.
  • Aids weight loss: L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It plays a crucial role in ferrying fat present in the body to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. It is here in the mitochondria that the process of burning of fat takes place to produce energy. Reduced storage of fat in the body thus aids in effective natural weight loss. L-Carnitine also helps reduce the feeling of hunger and further cuts appetite and facilitates weight loss.
  • Perfect sports nutrition: The constant mechanism of transporting fatty acids from the muscle and blood to the epithelial cells for release of energy proves to be a continuous source of energy. It is, therefore, termed as perfect sport nutrition.  It also accelerates the body’s recovery process after high-intensity workouts like weightlifting and sprinting.
  • Prevent muscle damage: Research highlights the beneficial impact of L-Carnitine on reducing muscle soreness and activating muscle recovery. The daily dose of GAT L-Carnitine thus improves resistance to muscle fatigue and strengthens and builds muscle mass.
  • Completely natural: GAT L-Carnitine is a completely natural energy-boosting supplement with no artificial colours. It contains no soy, dairy, yeast, carbohydrates or added sugar. The artificial flavors are, however, added to provide delicious Raspberry and Green Apple tastes.



Other Variants of GAT L-Carnitine

In addition to the Blue Raspberry flavor, GAT L-Carnitine is also available in Green Apple flavor. Both variants of GAT L-Carnitine in India are available in a standard 473ml bottle packing. The quantity is equivalent to 32 servings.


How to Use?

The energy-boosting L-Carnitine supplement should be consumed twice a day with meals. Each serving is equal to 3 teaspoons (15ml in dose cup) and can be mixed with juice or water. The product should not be consumed empty stomach. Also, it is only recommended for adults. Nursing and pregnant women, and those under any medication should consult their physician before initiating the use of GAT L-Carnitine.



Product Info

Product Info

General Traits
Weight 473 ml
Number of Servings 32
Serving Size 15 ml
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Additional Information
Manufactured in USA
Flavour Blue Raspberry
Brand Origin International
Form Liquid
Packaging Bottle
Goal Boost Energy

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