MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb

MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb

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MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate

Muscle loss is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to achieving the perfect physique. If you are unable to fulfill your body’s requirement of nutrients when they are needed the most, the result is catabolic muscle breakdown that slows down your results drastically.
Hydrolyzed whey proteins are highly recommended for those who are training intensely to ensure that the protein and amino acid reserves in your muscles are replenished immediately. These highly filtered and purified whey proteins are extremely fast acting and are instantly absorbed by your muscles. The whey protein is broken down into small fragments that your body is able to metabolize easily and transfer immediately to the muscles.
MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate is one such option that you can completely trust in terms of quality and great results.

Benefits of MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate

The specialized formula of MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate makes it one of the most sought-after nutrition supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals faster.
The many features of this supplement that make it highly recommended include:
  • Super-fast Absorbing Proteins: Whey protein hydrolase is a form of whey protein that is filtered and hydrolyzed to make it easier for your body to metabolize. These proteins are transferred to your muscle faster, aiding faster recovery.
  • Best Protein and Amino Acid Profile: With each serving, you get 24g of protein along with 5.3g of BCAA and 11.28g of EAAs that improve muscle recovery drastically, helping you gain more muscles faster.
  • Contains Digezyme: MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate contains Digezyme which is a blend of five digestive enzymes, amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, and lipase that makes this supplement even easier for your body to digest.
  • Best Standards of Quality: All the raw materials used to create MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate are imported from across the globe to maintain the highest standards of quality to give you the best product possible.


MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate comes with a specialized flavor formulation that eliminates the bitter taste that is quite common with Whey Hydro. You enjoy nothing but the rich taste of chocolate that is available to you in the form of a thick, delicious shake.

How to Consume MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro?

Serving Suggestions – Mix one scoop of MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate in 180-200 ml of water. Shake it well to make a thick drink. You can consume a maximum of two scoops each day.

When to Consume MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro?

Recommended Serving – For best results, you can consume MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate:
  • Early morning: Replenish your muscles with protein to prevent any breakdown due to lack of nutrition for the 6-8 hours when you are asleep.
  • Post workout: These fast digesting proteins instantly replenish protein reserves to help prevent any muscle breakdown.
  • In between meals: Ensure a positive nitrogen balanced state all day by consuming one scoop in between meals.
  • At bedtime: Prevent catabolic breakdown by consuming it just before you go to bed.

Where to Buy MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro?

It is best to buy MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate online on HealthKart. This is an extremely convenient option and you also have the advantage of great discounts and offers.



4.4 lb



Product Info

Product Info

General Traits
Price per kg2999.5
Number of Servings66
Serving Size30 g
Protein % per Serving80.0
Protein per Serving24 g
BCAA per Serving5.3 g
Weight4.4 lb
Weight (kg)2.0
Additional Information
Manufactured inIndia
GoalMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Other Traits
Product Code/UPC8906067024732
Weight Bucket4.4
Flavour BaseChocolate
Nutritional info for whey protein isolate
Protein24 g
BCAA5.3 g
EAA11.28 g
Protein % per Serving80.0


Product Details

  • MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro, 4.4 lb Chocolate contains Hydrolyzed whey proteins for faster absorption and quicker results
  • It Contains 24g of protein, 5.3g of BCAAs and 11.28g of Amino Acids in each serving for faster recovery
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro has Digezyme which improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Made from quality raw ingredients, MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro provides best results when taken post-workout
  • Special flavor formulation eliminates bitterness, and is recommended for advanced bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts